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L2WarCraft Interlude x10 For more info,visit the Website
If you are looking for something more than standard L2 gameplay, for features that you will not find anywhere else, looking for a completely new game of that kind..

.. then you can stop reading right now. It's not a server for you.

Our project does not have the nothing you have not seen before. However, the refinement of the known elements of the game and providing the stable, comfortable gameplay are in our top priority. Sometimes, unfortunately, often happens that the creator of private servers try to invent and introduce stuff like tattoos, extra custom hyper-super-duper sets and different, in our opinion, crap. Instead focus on the optimization of what has already been invented.

And here enters our private server of Lineage 2. It's - as we can see in the title - Interlude chronicle based. Why is this chronicle? According to us - as well as hundreds of other players - this is the last, the real scene of L2. That is, able to muster the good old memories.

Let's begin with the numbers and dry facts then:[/color]


Exp: x10
SP: x10
Adena: x10
Seal Stones: x1
Drop: x3
Raid Drop: x1
Spoil: x4
Manor: x1
Quest Drop: x5
Quest Reward x2
Quest Adena Reward x3

Enchant System

Safe for weapon and armor: +3;
Max enchant for armor: +16
Max enchant for weapon: +20

Buff System:

Max buff amount: 26 (+4 from Divine Inspiration)
Buff Time - 1h for prophecies/songs/dances/pp/se/ee buffs

NO FAKE Players Mode (new script,keep AFK Fake people at any place)
NO Gift for Votes (L2WarCraft is not Buy your vote,or trade it for items,we know is not good for us,but you give it if we deserve it.)
Offline shop/craft (/offline_shop)
Sell Buff in Private Store (.sellbuffs)
Shift +click on mob to check stat/drop
NPC class changer for Adena
No Npc Buffs
Mana potion : Buy for AA
Decent geodata
Double weight limit
GM Shop up to B-Grades
GM Shop trading SealStones
Merchant and Blacksmith of Mammon Retail
Player spawn protection system: 15 seconds
Frequent updates
Helpful and friendly GM Staff
GM events
Olympiad period: 2 week
Olympiad min players: 8 (Non-Classed)
Olympiad min players: 4 (Classed)

Server Grand Open 20/12/13 For more info,visit the Website
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