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[center]Here you will find each feature of the server explained, in addition to general server configurations.


[size=14pt]- General[/size]
Xp: 3000
Sp: 3000
Adena: 3000

However, players will not really bother with XP or SP, as new characters begin LvL 80, such as new subclasses. Adena is easy/medium farmable and it will be used as the currency to buy basic gear/enchants.

[size=14pt]- Enchant[/size]
Safe: +5
Max (Normal Scrolls): +20
Max (Crystal Scrolls): +25
Chance (Normal Scrolls): 83%
Chance (Crystal Scrolls): 100%

You can only use Crystal Scrolls on items that are +20 or above. Information on how to obtain Crystal Scrolls can be found below.
[color=maroon]Note:[/color] On enchant failure with Normal Scrolls, item is returned back to +5.

[size=14pt]- Augmentation[/size]
Augmentation system is modified from retail in L2Sparkle. Chance skills, as well as attacks and useless actives/passives have been completely removed. So, in order to maintain balance between the progress of taking a skill and the few [color=teal]useful[/color] skills that exist, we decided to keep the chances low.

Mid-Lifestone: 6%
High-Lifestone: 9%
Top-Lifestone: 13%

However, we have developed a Fast Augmentation engine, that will allow you to augment your items really fast (around 100 Lifestones per 3-4 minutes). Information about this can be found below.


[size=24pt][color=orange]Currency & Farming[/color][/size]

As the server is heavily based on PvP and teamplay, we decided to simplify farming and currency system as much as possible.

Here is a brief explanation of L2Sparkle coins and their use:

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Sparkle Coin[/color][/size]
This is the main farming coin dropped by monsters in our farming zones. It can be used to buy several items, such as Clan Reputation, Lifestones, Book of Giants, Olympiad weapons and more.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Event Coin[/color][/size]
The main prize from the Events of L2Sparkle. There is a custom system to get of Event Coins, which is explained below. Event Coins can be used to buy more rare/expensive things, such as Clan Skills, higher-grade Lifestones and more.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Vote Coin[/color][/size]
Vote coin can be obtained from our vote reward systems (check below for information). It is considered as an expensive coin, which can be used to buy several items, including Crystal Scrolls, Top-Lifestones etc.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Adena[/color][/size]
Adena has a great use in L2Sparkle, mainly for enchants. Since there aren't 100% scrolls up to +20, you have to farm Adena in order to enchant your items.

L2Sparkle has 3 farming zones: Crypts of Disgrace, Monastery of Silence, Hunter's Village (peace zone).

[color=maroon]Note:[/color] Mid-Lifestones are dropped from monsters in farming zones with a low chance.


[size=24pt][color=orange]Lucky Monsters[/color][/size]
Every farming monster in L2Sparkle has a small chance of 3-8% to become a Lucky Monster. Lucky Monsters can be recognized by the blue circle around them and they drop a Lucky Box when they die. If you double-click on the Lucky Box, there is a 40% chance that it will give you valuable items.

This is how Lucky Monsters look like:


[size=24pt][color=orange]Individual & Global Vote Reward[/color][/size]

In L2Sparkle, don't expect Vote Coins to have the greater prize of all items in the game. That's because we have 2 possible ways of getting Vote Coins, both Global and Individual vote reward systems.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Individual[/color][/size]
Use our Vote Manager in-game in order to vote for L2Sparkle in L2Topzone and L2Network top sites. When you choose a site, you have 30 seconds to vote. If you vote successfully, you are rewarded with 5 Vote Coins per site, else you can try again.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Global[/color][/size]
Every 5 minutes, the server auto-checks L2Network, L2Topzone and L2Hopzone for the current vote count. Every 5 votes, all online players are rewarded with 5 Vote Coins per site.

[color=maroon]Note:[/color] Only 1 client per computer will be rewarded from Global vote reward system.


[size=24pt][color=orange]Smart Start[/color][/size]
This is a feature we created in order to help you set up easily your new character. You will be able to choose your classes, buy your armor, jewels and weapon, but also add your dyes too.

Check the video(it also shows Dwarf Mages, a feature which is explained below):



[size=24pt][color=orange]Clans, Castles & Sieges[/color][/size]
Clans and Sieges are main features for a PvP server. That's the reason why we have edited both systems to fit with a PvP server.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Clans[/color][/size]
In L2Sparkle, when you create a Clan it is automatically set to LvL 5. Then, you can farm/buy/win Clan Reputations. Clan Reputation is an item that when you double-click it, your clan obtains 1000 clan reputation. In order to LvL up your clan to 8, you only need clan reputation and [color=red]NOT[/color] member count.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Sieges[/color][/size]
Castle Siege is an amazing Lineage II feature which fits perfectly with the gameplay of a PvP server. However the were some disadvantages with the retail system that were eliminated in L2Sparkle. The main thing that changed is the number of siegeable castles. There were too many castles which could cause inactivity at the sieges or very low competition in order to get a castle for your clan. That's why we have only left [color=red]6[/color] siegeable castles(information below). In addition to that, we changes the date of each siege. Now, there are [color=red]daily sieges[/color], from Monday to Saturday.

More briefly:
Gludio Castle - Monday 18:00 (GMT +2)
Dion Castle - Tuesday 18:00 (GMT +2)
Giran Castle - Wednesday 18:00 (GMT +2)
Oren Castle - Thursday 18:00 (GMT +2)
Rune Castle - Friday 18:00 (GMT +2)
Aden Castle - Saturday 18:00 (GMT +2)

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Castles[/color][/size]
A custom system is installed, which auto-spawns npcs when the castle is not under siege and deletes them when the siege begins. When it is finished, they are spawned back.


[size=24pt][color=orange]Fast Augmenter[/color][/size]
Putting 100 Lifestones 1 by 1 with this annoying drag and drop is boring, so that's why we have created a custom Fast Augmenter where you will be able to put 100 Lifestones in less than 3-4 minutes. Check the video:


However, the original augmentation system exists too for those that prefer it.


[size=24pt][color=orange]Auction Shop[/color][/size]
In order to avoid bots standing all day in towns, selling at private stores we have created an Auction Shop. What is this? It is a custom npc where you can put any item from your inventory for sale, choosing by yourself the currency and the amount.

This shop works with both online/offline transactions, which means players can buy the items you have put for sale even if you are offline(the currency you requested for them will be added to your inventory).



There is an Achievements Manager where you can view your progress on Achievements. There 18 Achievements installed, which consist of item enchanting, skills enchanting, farming, PvPs and more. When you complete an Achievement, you get a screen notification:


When you complete all Achievements, you can get the Elder Mask. It's an accessory that increases HP by 1000 and CP by 500.


This is a pretty funny feature. In Giran, you will find a npc named Strange Man. If you speak to him, he will give you some valuable information... Every night at 11:30 (GMT +2) he becomes a Drug Dealer, selling... guess what:


There drugs cannot be used in Olympiad.


[size=24pt][color=orange]Events & Event Points[/color][/size]
We have installed 4 events, 3 of which require registration and 1 is global. The events run every hour.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- TvT Event[/color][/size]
The classic TvT Event. There are 2 teams and each team's goal is to get the most kills. There is a nice notification under the minimap telling your and enemy's team kills.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Dominion Event[/color][/size]
There are 2 teams and 1 flag in the middle. The more players of each team are around the flag, the more points each team gets per second. The team with the most points wins. Again, there is a notification saying when you are near the flag and teams' scores.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Town Siege Event[/color][/size]
There is a Magic Crystal in the middle of Talking Island Village. Mobs spawn every 5 seconds (the amount of mobs is increasing with the amount of participants) and try to take the crystal down. If the players manage to defend it, they win. If not, they lose.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Event Points[/color][/size]
From the above events, the prize, except items, is Event Points. Every day at 24:00, each player's points become Event Coins. You can view your Event Points in our Event Manager:


[size=12pt][color=teal]- Player of the Hour Event[/color][/size]
Every hour, the player that took the most PvP kills within the hour is rewarded. This event runs 24/7.


We have created a Rebirth system, where players are able to follow 2 routes: Rebirth Haste & Rebirth Acumen. Each player can perform a maximum of 3 rebirths. To perform a rebirth you need to be with your main class and have a Rebirth Book (you can find it from bosses or buy it with various items). Rebirth Haste increases Atk Spd and Rebirth Acumen increases Cast Spd. These 2 skills are only available with your main class.


There are Heroes every Sunday at 24:00. The Olympiad Manager has been modified in order to show current points of each player (the match count is not shown). After each match, the ranking is updated and your skills are refreshed.


[size=24pt][color=orange]Dynamic PvP Zone[/color][/size]
We have created a new PvP zone system. There are 4 available PvP zones: Primeval Island, Hot Springs, Ketra Orc Outpost, The Forbidden Gateway. Every hour, the players get to vote which PvP zone they would like to have in the next hour. The most voted zone of the 4 becomes the next PvP zone for 1 hour. When the PvP zone changes, players inside the current one are teleported to the new one. When you enter the PvP zone you get auto-flag. Pressing To Village inside the PvP zone will teleport you in a random spot inside the zone. Teleportation while being flagged is only enabled when the player is inside the PvP zone, so you can leave normally.

You cannot teleport to the PvP zone while voting is open. However don't worry, voting only takes 2-3 minutes.


[size=24pt][color=orange]Classes & Balance[/color][/size]
The most common issue of Interlude PvP servers is the balance. That's why we have worked for over 3 months on the balance of the server, changing numerous things(remember that we also use aCis is a pack base, which means that formulas are kinda messed-up with postIL chronicles):

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Dagger Formulas[/color][/size]
Now dagger blow skills are calculated in a different way to fit with the other classes and avoid constant 3k criticals every half second.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Mage Criticals & Damage[/color][/size]
Magic critical hits is a nice feature, but it was not designed for fully-buffed PvPs. That's what we found out when we tested mages. So, we decided to reduce magic critical damage from x4 to x2.5. This way, if for example your normal magic hit were to be 1000, the magic critical would be 2500. In addition to these changes, we have modified a bit the magic damage formula, in order to avoid static damage. For example, you may hit the same player once for 900, then for 865, then for 989. Just like fighters.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Debuffs[/color][/size]
In L2Sparkle you will find that most of the debuffs work properly(except those that don't fit a PvP server). And by properly we mean that there is a correct chance rate, but no 2 minutes debuffs. Maximum debuff time is around 15 seconds. We believe that this fits more a PvP server. Also, when you cast a debuff you are sent a message that tells you the chance that it had to succeed.

[size=12pt][color=teal]- Cancellation[/color][/size]
Cancellation has been modified in order to return the buffs lost back after 5 seconds.

Besides the changes mentioned above, we would like to say that we have installed an in-game skill balancer, where we can make real-time changes to skill power, reuse time or chance:


On the closed beta tests, we will try to find and eliminate any remaining balance issues, so everything will be ready for the Grand Opening.


This could be added in the previous subject too, but since nothing is sure yet we put it separately. In L2Sparkle, we have changed the Dwarf race completely. Now, there is only 1 class route you can follow, which leads to an Earth Bender. Dwarfs have been changed to mages, using the earth element(like Mystic Muse uses water, for example). 4 new skills have been created and combined with existing ones, we have managed to balance this class to fit in the PvP aspect of the server.

Check the video(it also shows the Smart Start feature):


However, this is a subject to change. A poll exists in Poll Section of the forum, where players will decide whether to keep this feature or not: l2sparkle.eu/forum/index.php.0


[size=24pt][color=orange]Room of Pain[/color][/size]
This is a feature we have designed for party farming. There is a Room of Pain Teleporter located in Giran. A party leader can speak to him and register his party in the Room of Pain. When players are teleported there, there are 3 rounds. In each round, stronger enemies appear which you have to defeat. These enemies consist of 'fake players'. What this means is that they will look like players and act like players too. For example, the healer will heal the most injured, whereas the tank will try to use Aggression on the attackers.

Each player can join the Room of Pain every 6 hours.




[size=24pt][color=orange]Epic & Custom Bosses[/color][/size]
We currently have 8 bosses in L2Sparkle. 5 of them are the classic Epic Bosses: Antharas, Valakas, Baium, Queen Ant, Zaken. However, their stats/drops have been modified to fit with the server. Also, these bosses drop +20 boss jewels. Their respawn time is 4 hours.

There are 3 custom bosses: Ishka, Mardil, Skylancer. They are easier to kill compared to the epic bosses, but they have lower drops and smaller respawn time(around 1:30 hour).

Our gatekeeper contains detailed information about the drops and also it shows how much time is left for respawn:



[size=12pt][color=teal]- Dark Crystal has been changed to S Grade and Arcana Major is removed from the Shop.[/color][/size]
[size=12pt][color=teal]- Several items are not consumed when used, like Soulshots, Mana-Potions, Greater Healing Potions, Spiritshots.[/color][/size]
[size=12pt][color=teal]- When a player dies, his buffs are not removed.[/color][/size]
[size=12pt][color=teal]- There is a heavy armor restriction for dagger classes.[/color][/size]
[size=12pt][color=teal]- The server is hosted on OVH, a company witch provides a very stable and good DDoS protection.[/color][/size]
[size=12pt][color=teal]- We are planning to use Szaka's or Smart Crypt anti bot protection, more information on this soon.[/color][/size]
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